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    Contact: Liu Shuhua, chairman and general manager

    Company Phone:(0898)63402369


    Company Website:www.faketurins.com

    company address:Mainan town of Wenchang City, Hainan Province, China Hainan Xingguang Active Carbon Co., Ltd.

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    About Us


    Hainan Xingguang Activated Carbon Co.,LTD is currently the largest coconut shell activated carbon enterprise in China integrating R&D,production and distribution.  Founded in 1996, our company is located in Mainan Town,Wenchang City,Hainan Province,China, which has tropical climate and abundant in coconuts.  It covers an area of 100 mu with a total investment of more than eighty million.  We have three sets of advanced and modified SLEP furnace(with national patent) and a converter furnace. .With the annual production capacity of over 8000 tons, we are the leading company in this field in Hainan even in China, as well as the leader of domestic technical reform and product research for activated carbon.

         Our company has a professional research team,they specialize in the product research and product development on the aspects of production process,equipment,detection methods,standards,application.  We created a lot of excellent activated carbon as many as over 20 categories for customers,which involve living,decoration,car,wardrobe,shoe cabinet,refrigerator and many other aspects.


         We have passed ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification since 2008.  Not only We have a stable raw materials base in Hainan, but also we established another raw material base in Indonesia in 2005.  Based on sufficient investment and technical transformation,we produce all kinds of high quality products to meet the different requirements from gold,petroleum,chemical industry,metallurgy,medicine,environmental protection ,food,etc.

    All of our related indicators are higher than the national standard.   We only develop high-end customers and produce high quality products,which have been sold to all over the country and worldwide,such as Japan,the EU,and other countries and regions.



    Hainan Xingguang Active Carbon Co., Ltd.        

    Address: Mainan Town, Wenchang City, Hainan Province, China, Hainan Xingguang Active Carbon Co., Ltd.

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